Five Minutes With Tarry Mass

Tarry Mass

How would you describe your genre your music?  

R&B/Soul, Afro-beats, urban and all-rounder.

What is your creative process?

I am original and I don’t go by genre or rules. I’m mainly inspired by what goes on around me and also stay true to my African roots, but above all, with a modern twist.

How long have you been pursuing your craft?

I been writing and singing my own material for 5 years.

How is the music industry in your area?

It’s good, but I’m just starting to really get to know the field.

How have you evolved personally and musically since you first began your journey?

I have grown to gain more confidence to perform and be who I am. I suffered from low self esteem and lack of self belief, but music had given me a voice I never had. I love music. 

How do you measure success?

My success is measured by happiness. If my music made me happy or someone happy… that’s real success to me. I sing a lot about love because it’s something I believe the world needs.

What has being an independent artist taught you?

It has taught me that no matter how small you are – just be honest and work hard. Someone will appreciate and notice your hard work one day. It has also taught me that it’s not always about the money or material things. I’ve had so much help from strangers and random people. I’ve had venues offering me their premises to use for my videos free of charge. Advice and contacts from people I never dreamt of would look my way or pay me any attention. The best lesson was to ask, never be shy to ask for help. 

What is the best advice you can give to another Indie Artist?

I will say be who you are, stay true to yourself and be honest; never give up and enjoy every moment of the process. And mostly, love what you do and do it to your absolute best.

How do you engage with your fans?

Through online platform, emails, etc.

Are you currently performing and touring?

Not at the moment but with grace will be very soon.

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