Who Is Forever?


“Make sure to give according to the way God has given to you. Bless others the way you have been blessed. Need a blessing? Bless others!” This is just one of many faith driven tweets from Huntington Station’s rapper Michael Harewood, AKA Forever. Performing from church to church and rhyming about his beliefs make Michael a true man of God. However, this rapper was not always on such a virtuous path. In fact, before committing to living for god, he nearly died of a drug overdose.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts with two substance-addicted parents and before he could speak he was taken by child protection and put in a more stable household. He was adopted before the age of four. Although his new family taught love, respect and spirituality, the teen still strayed from God and became involved with gangs, crime, drugs and alcohol. After waking up in the hospital too close to death, he decided he needed to live a better life.

This born again man now believes that music is the way to strengthen ministry. He  uses his undeniable God given talents to reach out to those who aren’t convinced by the typical church proceedings. He knows now that his purpose is to share his life experience and his relationship with Jesus through the power of song. With his strong delivery and intense lyrics, it’s difficult to deny that he has this power. He has an inspiring connection with his audience, both young and old, because he makes learning about God an entertaining experience. It’s clear that Forever will have a long career sharing his story and talents with churchgoers everywhere.

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Kyle Davis is a musician from American Idol Season 10




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