Life Is Better With Robbie Harte


One year ago Robbie Harte released her debut single Life Is Better.  “I am so excited to share my New Original Song “Life Is Better”. Although this song has many interpretations and a universal message, I wrote this song about my daughter with autism who was speech delayed and didn’t speak. It is such a personal song, but one with a wonderful message. Life is better because she is in it. She is now a fierce 10 year old who talks and sings and is capable of anything! The world is hers! I hope you like it. Thank you for following me on my musical journey.”

During the quarantine, Robbie has performed several live, virtual concerts for her following and is bringing joy to many. Thank you Robbie Harte for opening your soul to others. Here is Robbie’s video of Life Is Better:

You can find Robbie Harte:

Instagram: @robbieharte17


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