Chris Giles Takes It One Step At A Time

chris GilesI can speak for myself and say that I typically have multiple goals, objectives, and mid-length goals happening simultaneously. And every so often I am reminded of truly focusing on the next steps placed right in front of me. It is conceivably easy to set a long term goal or to have a dream by which to shoot for, but without a first step in a specific direction, we would never get there.

Building a pyramid took a brick, a first one, a 600th one, but a group of individual pieces to accomplish the objective. The saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day” comes to mind; a reminder of a very important and overlooked aspect of our day to day lives. We are so focused on the objective that we forget to plan, act and move in the direction of the actual goal. Would You agree this world is typically led by expectations? I would and that sets us up for failure and hurt feelings, which is definitely not what our intentions were at the beginning (to set out with a great idea only to fail short.)

Here’s the cool part, by focusing on the steps at hand, we can accomplish a couple things at once. We can actually make an impact on the initiative – we can accomplish foundational steps, and set up future steps for success. If we do not prepare for the journey, if we do not plan for the challenges, risks, and milestones… then how successful do we really think we can be?

Example: Do I really think I can build a business without a proven and marketable product? Do I have enough money to sustain the business for the first year? Will my business grow without building a customer base and advertising my proven product? Without a delivery method for my product, how will my customers even receive this amazing product? Do we think this process would be done in a few days? Planning and one step at a time gets you to a place of success!

The other side of this is the ever needed feeling of accomplishment. This is what will carry us through the hard times, the challenging times, the times we can’t see the finish line. By focusing on the steps in front of us, we now can accept, handle, and build on the dream that stands before us. It’s the hidden component that gets lost in today’s I Want it Now mentality!

I know this world is moving fast, and we are having to move at a pace that isn’t typically comfortable just to keep up. It is a choice we are given, a step, a decision, to focus on what is relative and important! Peter stepped out of the boat, focused on what was in front of him (Jesus), and walked on water! SUCCESS! Only when he lost sight and took his eyes off the path did he sink. Take it one day, one step, and one choice at a time;  set goals, plan for them, and act on them with confidence!

Good day & God Bless,

Chris Giles

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