Kyle Davis Reviews The Hamiltons

The Hamilton's

Whoever said Rock N Roll was dead obviously hasn’t heard the rockin’ songs of The Hamiltons. They have been keeping the genre alive since 1969 and have no plans of slowing down. The group was originally put together by Robert Hamilton to showcase the brilliant songwriting of the late Cranford Hamilton Nix. Like many other bands from their time, they started out as a couple of guys at home recording their acoustic guitar riffs with cassette tapes. With no time to waste, they wrote some songs and got up on stage. Although the beginning phases were rough due to the band’s name changes and members coming and going, Robert and Cranford always stayed close. The two of them headed to Hollywood, all on their own, to see where their music might take them. After a small amount of success, they met up again in Detroit to form the Gypsies. However, it was after Cranford left to pursue a solo acoustic career that The Gypsies went on to play with some of the biggest and best bands of all time. Shortly before his death, the two reunited to create some more songs and perform together one last time.

Barroom Angel from Robert Hamilton on Vimeo.

Now called the Hamiltons, the band takes pride in reminding the world that rock isn’t about costumes and gimmicks, it’s about the music. Each of their songs screams honesty, and you can hear real emotion, catchy melodies and a great mix of acoustic and electric sounds. When listening, it’s difficult not to think of bands such as the Rolling Stones, Ramones, Johnny Cash, and Hanoi Rocks. The band has recently released Cranford Nix’s songs out of love for little man and no matter where you live, you’ll be able to catch The Hamilton’s live this year.  And you can’t miss their newest music video for their hit “Best Damn Boy.” They are very excited to be able to keep performing and spread great rock music as well as the memory of their dear friend, and we are looking forward to watch them do it!


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Kyle Davis was featured on Season Ten of American Idol.

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