Quick Chat With Musician Jennie Laws

With distinctive and dynamic vocal artistry, unique and original songwriting skills and wide range of influences and inspirations, Jennie Laws has emerged as a beautiful and brilliantly talented new arrival on the cutting edge of today’s music.The Toronto-born singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist is perhaps most notable for her ability to bring it all together in…

Kristin Moura

TRS 24/7 Chats with Kristin Moura WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR MUSIC PROFESSION? What I like most about my music profession is I’m me. I can show who I am as an artist and I don’t have anyone telling me whom I should be. I take my own interests and turn it into music….

Kyle Davis Reviews The Hamiltons

Whoever said Rock N Roll was dead obviously hasn’t heard the rockin’ songs of The Hamiltons. They have been keeping the genre alive since 1969 and have no plans of slowing down. The group was originally put together by Robert Hamilton to showcase the brilliant songwriting of the late Cranford Hamilton Nix. Like many other…

Kyle Davis Is Still Our Idol

Who is Kyle Davis? If you could start your music career over again, what would you do differently? If I could start my career over again, I would have saved all of the money I made from my various jobs for my music career. I also would have tried to start performing and getting myself…

Who is Jeremiah Stricklin?

   Oh, Jeremiah is the on-going story of singer/songwriter Jeremiah Stricklin and his various musical endeavors. Each verse a page; each chorus a conflict. The resolution is still on the horizon. Following the cues from great songwriters like Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams, and countless others, Jeremiah and friends are embarking on an entirely new adventure….