Seven Minutes With 3IsOne


 How would you describe/genre your music?

 As Bruce Lee would say, “the style without style.” We like to mix genres; rock, pop, soul, funk, reggae, Hip-hop, electro, jazz, gypsy, drum and bass… everything that creates emotion, vibrations and groove.

 What is your creative process?

 Francesca, Roy, Moon and I write songs on our own. Moon and I are also creating together. Usually Moon takes the guitar and plays some nice arpeggios then I find the melody and we write the lyrics together.

 How long have you been pursuing your craft?

 I’ve been composing since I was about thirteen years old. Francesca has been composing songs for more than ten years. Moon for about six years, and Roy is the more experienced in that field with more than forty years.

 How is the music industry in your area?

 Well, to be on radio we had to make a dance/pop version of our songs (that’s what a few dutch pluggers told me.) We get more radio airplay in  the UK and in the United States. About the live performances, we’ll play our first gig with 3IsOne in June so we’ll see how it goes from there. It’s difficult because people need to put artist within a category, but 3isOne doesn’t belong to just one category.

 How do you measure success?

 Depends on the definition of success. If it’s about numbers, then we can measure success by how many singles and/or albums we  sold, how many people come to our concerts, move their body and know our songs by heart, how many radios are playing our tracks, how many magazines/blogs are writing positive things about our project, how many people share our post on Facebook and Twitter.

 What has being an independent artist taught you?

 3IsOne’s slogan is, if you have enough Oxygen (O) and active Neurons (N) to think clearly – then you get the Energy(E) to do what you want to achieve. O N E are the 3 magic letters. 3IsOne. It’s a long process. You learn a lot about what’s behind the music business and how it works. You have to be fast. We have to always check our Twitter, emails and news to find what’s hot to promote our project.

 The downside is that you have less time for creativity and playing music but you meet a lot of very nice and helpful people. We started the project at the end of December 2013 and released the single Closer to Irreversible on the 28th of February. Two months after, we have more than 70 radio stations playing Closer to Irreversible or L’Amour est Mort which is just a demo, but radio seems to like it as it is. That gives me a lot of energy to continue preparing the field before the album’s release. It’s just the beginning of 3IsOne’s adventure.

 What is the best advice you can give to another Indie Artist?

 You need to be well organized. Things are not coming by any magic. You need to make things happen. Study the other artists’  strategies and connections. Be present on Twitter (that’s more important than Facebook.) Keep trying if you don’t have an answer from radio stations or blogs because at some point people they will know you. They receive a lot of music submission every day; be patient but persistent.


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