So… who is ABYSS?

A.B.Y.S.S. stands for “Ask Before You Speak Stupidity.” I am a female emcee, singer, and songwriter from NJ. I love performing hip hop, writing R&B and pop, traveling, meeting new people, piercings, tattoos, and having lots of fun. I would describe my style as, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, and Jadakiss combined.

I have heard people say, “Uh oh, she ’bout to give y’all the business.”  I decided to change the spelling to thABYSSness, which you will see along with my name a lot.

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been doing this for seven years. I started my publishing company Lyrically A.B.Y.S.S. LLC in 2007 and a few months later I recorded my first demo entitled 1st Fathom.

In what ways does the place where you live affect the music you create, or your taste in music?

First off, I think all cities have their ups and downs. I’m from a place called Plainfield, which is pretty small. A lot of the stuff I see here is the same as a lot of places in New Jersey and across the United States. Positivity inspires me to keep pushing and making great music, while negativity inspires me to write and deliver a message to educate, empower and encourage the youth to be great and stay above the negativity.

When was the last time you wrote a song? 

I just wrote my hip-hop track Killin Em back in March; you can find that on my Reverbnation site. The last R&B songs I wrote are going to be on my new EP Rhythm & Byssness, which is due to be released in May. My current single Drive is available now on iTunes.

As you create more music, do you find yourself getting more or less interested in seeking out and listening to new music made by other people…and why do you think that is?

I’m a great artist but I also know that there are other great artists out here. I look forward to hearing their music. It all inspires me to keep going and to keep practicing my craft.

Lately, what musical periods or styles do you find yourself most drawn to as a listener?

I noticed that I’ve been drawn to more old school hip-hop.


Name a band or musician, past or present, who you flat-out LOVE and think more people should be listening to. What’s one of your all-time favorite recordings by this band/musician?

I flat out love India Arie! I love all her music, but if I have to choose, I’d say Video, due to the message.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself as an international icon and a household name with established foundations for Kidney Disease, Lupus, the homeless and skill building for our youth with no direction. I absolutely love to see people succeed and be happy, so I’m all about giving back and making a difference where I can.

Look for more on ABYSS here:



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