Rushing Through Life


Chris Giles 7
Stop and smell the roses.

As a singer/songwriter, I leverage my life experiences to create stories, songs and hooks. If you are an artist, songwriter, pastor or parent, you should also be looking to leverage your life experiences in your day to day lives. It is the individual journey that makes us who we are; it is  also those experiences that allow us the opportunity to bring a different perspective and find our role in the world. We are put on this earth with worth, for a reason, and with a voice and  responsibility. How many brush this off or never feel the fulfillment in using our influence?

Many times we rush through life, wanting to suppress our past instead of learning, growing, and using those experiences to bring wisdom, truth, hope, insight and perspective to the world around us. My life experiences are one of a kind, never to be compared or repeated, thus I can bring a combination of life lessons that no one else can; as can you! Think about that, we might share thirty percent of similar experiences, but never will a combination be duplicated. Starting from our childhood, growing into our personal struggles, victories, successes & failures… we are one of a kind.

What influence can I bring? What wisdom can I impart? What voice do I choose to use? As we know, we can lift others up or tear others down, but doesn’t it go even deeper? We are put on this earth for a reason. Are we seeking that out?

If we just coast through life, how can we expect to feel fulfillment or worth? As an example, we have teachers who spend as much time with our children as we do. Imagine the indirect, direct, or unknowing influence they will have? How many songs have been written that express hate? We speak words that can create change in the world we live; how will you influence the people in your life?

As you know, I tend to ask rhetorical questions and in reality, we all must ask ourselves these very questions (one that takes time, reflection, spiritual contemplation, and then action.)  I bring you this as a positive opportunity for us all to make a choice! Choose love, and watch it flourish around you! You are one of a kind!

Good day & God Bless,

Chris Giles

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